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Liumy Albums

My name is Ausra and I am the founder of Liumy Albums.

As the creator and designer, I can say with confidence that it's a product unlike any other. The process of making each album is time-intensive, but the end result is worth it because it exudes a sense of uniqueness that's hard to match. When you use this album on your special day, you'll feel an unmatchable sense of satisfaction because you'll know that it was made with you in mind, and no one else.

At Liumy Albums, we take pride in creating each customer's order by hand without the use of machines. We use only the finest materials and traditional techniques to carefully craft each album. Our skilled team hand sews each page together, and we offer a personalized touch to the album cover with cut lettering. Since we don't mass-produce our albums, each one is a unique, high-quality product that takes time to create. We appreciate your patience while we work on making your special album.

Liumy is more than just a design studio - it's an artisanal workshop where each product is meticulously crafted by hand to ensure the highest possible quality. Our signature product is the Instant Slip-in Album, which features practical Slip-in pockets that keep your photos safe and secure. We're thrilled that our products have found fans all around the globe, with customers from as far away as Australia, Canada, England, and Argentina.

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