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As you probably know already Liumy makes 2 format albums / guestbooks: horizontal and vertical. In this blog post i will talk about their differences and which one is perfect for your celebration!

Horizontal guestbook / album has 1 pocket per page from one side of the page and is perfect for celebrations up to 100 guests. People take photos as couples most of the times so the biggest album you can choose from is 50 pages. I dont make bigger albums then that because the album gets too thick (each page has a spacer so when you put photos in the album it wont spread). 

Wedding Guestbook LiumyVertical guestbook / album has 2 pockets per page from one side of the page and is perfect for celebrations 100 - 200 guests.

Some clients say that they like horizontal format better then vertical but let me explain why vertical format might be better:

1) Vertical format guestbook is 2 times bigger then horizontal so there is more space for beautiful lettering on the cover. 

2) If your wedding is bigger then 80 - 100 guests, you can choose horizontal 50 pages album and it will work just fine. But i would recommend choosing vertical 30 pages album that will be thinner.

3) Having some extra pockets always makes sense. I have tested my guestbooks in many weddings and sometimes guests like to make more then one photo. So if you choose slightly bigger album it will always pay of.

What if you have some free pockets after your wedding celebration? Well you can always populate the album with your own Poarloid type photos. 

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