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Congratulations on your coming celebration! If you are reading this post probably you have already ordered guestbook and wondering what pen or sharpie you should be using.

White color pages guestbook: i would take several pens and write few sentences on any sheet of paper. Not all pens write the same. I noticed that with some pens my writing looks better then other. So pick the one you feel most comfortable to write with. Pen color is usually blue or black. For nautical theme wedding i would probably go with blue pen! For any other i would choose black pen but its a matter of personal preference. 

Guestbook Calligraphy Liumy


Black color pages guestbook: the same technique works for black pages too. But you need white color ball pen to write on black color. Usually i add a white pen for free with the black pages album (as it costs a bit more). If you want something different you can try to find ball pen that writes in gold. 

Sharpies: i would not use sharpies as most of them are thicker then ball pens and writing is not so comfortable, especially if you want to write more then few words. Bleeding is not so noticeable on my guestbook paper but it depends on a sharpie you use. Also sharpie is not so elegant as ball pen so i strongly recommend to use ball pen. 

I would recommend to have 2-3 or even more pens on the table, because sometimes pens get lost. So guests can grab a new pen and continue leaving memorable notes for you!

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