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Wedding Guest Book table

Polaroid Guest Book Table set up at Your Wedding

You will always remember your wedding day, even years later. To bring all the moments of your Big day to life, the Wedding Guest Book is perfect. To make this memory even more impressive and special, usually all you need is an Instant camera, a Wedding Guest Book and a little creativity.

Always consider using a Polaroid Wedding Guest Book at your celebration. Traditionally, it is a book where guests can leave not only their photos, but also texts with wishes or memories. This is a great way to keep the emotions of the wedding alive after many years. 

What You Need for a Polaroid Guest Book

Preparing a Wedding Guest Book for the celebration is quite easy and affordable. You don't need expensive equipment to get everything ready. Here's a quick shopping list to help you prepare for your Wedding Guest Book:

1. Instant Camera and Film

The first thing we can't imagine a Wedding Guest Book without is an instant camera and film. Choose the number of cameras depending on how many guests are attending in your celebration and how much free time they will have. We normally recommend having 1 camera per 40 guests. You also don't forget to provide the right amount of film (guests can take more than one photo!), so make sure you have the right amount. Different brands provide different amounts of films per pack, please note it!

Instant Camera and Film

2. Wedding Guest Book

Next you will need the Wedding Guest Book. Choose only a quality-made book, because it must be a long-lasting item that will serve you not only during the celebration, but also after it. Always choose a larger book to ensure you don't run out of space. You can find our Wedding Guest Books here: Link

Wedding Guest Book

3. Display

If you don't want your guests to leave you a wish in your Wedding Guest Book, but you want to fill it in the order you choose after the wedding, arrange a place where guests can display their photos. It can be a strip with clips or a board with magnets. It will be a great decoration at your venue, and afterwards you can put everything perfectly in your Wedding Guest Book.


4. Pens

You shouldn't expect your guests to bring pens with them. Therefore, be sure to take care of them in advance. Prepare several pens of different colors so that your wedding guests can leave their wishes in your Wedding Guest Book. You can buy our recommended pens here: Link


5. Double-sided Tape

If your album does not have special pockets or a place to conveniently attach photos, avoid glue, provide guests with double-sided tape that will allow them to conveniently stick photos in your Wedding Guest Book. When you buy our Wedding Guest Book, we take care of it for you! We always add a double-sided tape box to our customers, to Wedding Guest Books that do not have special pockets or slip-ins for photos.

Double-sided Tape

6. Hand Sanitizer

We recommend installing a hand sanitizer station next to the Wedding Guest Book table i, if guests want to disinfect their hands before touching or touching objects. So that a large dispenser does not spoil the image, we recommend that you take care of a beautiful container in advance, which will not spoil the overall image.

Hand Sanitizer

Where to Set Up a Polaroid Guest Book

After collecting all the necessary components, it's time to think about where to create a place for the Wedding Guest Book. The exact location will depend on your wedding venue, but we have some suggestions. Simply put, your photo booth should be easily accessible to all guests and have enough space for guests. A well-lit place that can be seen even in the dark is best, and it should not be affected by weather conditions. The most important thing is not to place the Wedding Guest Book in a place where many people gather or where it is difficult to see, such as near the bar, DJ or food table.

It probably goes without saying that your wedding reception will be very busy, so the last thing you need is for your Wedding Guest Book to be an extra distraction. Instead, set it up so guests can easily see it while leaving a wish and their photo. A great place would be next to the seating plan or seating chart.

Wedding Guest Book Table

Wedding Guest Book Tips

Ready to have your guests say "cheese?" Before you get started, here are some tips that you may find useful. Here are a few that will help you make your Wedding Guest Book the perfect highlight of your celebration.

1. Appoint a Wedding Guest Book Monitor

Choose a specific person who can supervise the entire process of taking photos and filling out the Wedding Guest Book. Guests who do not have experience with snapshots may encounter malfunctions that will stop the entire work and may damage a lot of film. Since the film is expensive enough, it should not be wasted.


2. Write Instructions for Guests

Don't let guests make assumptions about how you would like them to fill out the Wedding Guest Book. While taking photos and writing greetings isn't rocket science, your guests will always appreciate some help. Make an instruction in which you will leave all the information on how to do everything correctly. For example: "Stand away from the camera, take a picture, stick it in our Wedding Guest Book and write a short message under it." We also have some Acrylic Signs: Link

3. Set Up a Couple of Photo Stations

Are you worried that the photo booth will be too busy? In such a case, consider setting up not one but several photo locations to make the entire photo-taking process smoother and faster.


4. Use Natural Lighting

Lighting is very important, it can make or break an image. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of lighting when choosing a location for your Wedding Guestbook.

5. Or, Set Up Some Lights

If there is no natural light in the room, don't panic, you can arrange a few lamps and perfectly illuminate the place of photography. Sometimes even garlands with beautiful and cozy lights are suitable.

Photo Booth

6. Consider Hiring an Expert

The cheapest option is a do-it-yourself photo booth. However, if you can afford the extra expense, consider having an expert in the field so you can be sure it will turn out great. If you can afford to hire a photo booth to take care of your photos, this option is highly recommended. Not only will this be much more appealing to your guests, but it will also look more professional.

All in all, creating a Polaroid or Instax Wedding Guest Book for your wedding is a great way to capture the joy and memories of your special day. With just a few components, you can create a great photo station that will be a great activity for your guests and a memory for you. 

Be sure to think through all the details before the celebration and prepare the necessary materials so that during the celebration everything goes smoothly and you don't have to worry about anything. Whether you take care of everything yourself or hire a professional, this Wedding Guest Book will be a great keepsake for yourself that will allow you to remember the joys of your wedding day for years to come.

Much love,

Liumy Albums ♡